I don't understand this at all?

Ok I know I already posted something today but what in the hell does it mean when a girl "was in a bad place in life" and cheats on you because of that?


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  • Its an excuse

  • Means she’s not taking responsibility

    • So like she should have been a better person or What? I'm sorry I don't completely understand

    • When someone cheats - and trust me I’m not defending her I think cheating is atrocious no matter which gender does it - they either realize their mistake and apologize by accepting the blame. Or they deflect the blame to make themselves feel better , such as “I was in a bad place in life” which is her way of saying “I didn’t really cheat on you it’s not my fault”. It’s BS but that’s what she’s doing

    • Ohhh I see. Yeah when I brought it up she kept denying it and 2 weeks later she admitted it. Then she wanted me back after. Like wtf?

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