Does he deserve better?

*He holds door open for me part of the time*
*pays for my meal, is nice to waitstaff and tips well* Defends me whenever I talk bad about myself subconsciously* I told him I was sensitive and would cry if I ever hit a animal on the road and he said"Aw you must be sensitive, that's okay"
*Supports me* He always asks me how work is going, how my family is doing. Whenever we go bowling he cheers me on. He says "gotta believe in yourself and it will happen"
*He introduced me to his family, and a cousin he's close with* His family likes me
*He walks up to the door to get me and he drives an HOUR to see me but now we are taking turns driving to each others towns*
*When we first kissed it wasn't till the second month of dating, he asked me if he could kiss me and he said it's okay if you don't want too*
I was driving to his town and got fucking lost he lives in a small town and is a farm kid. He texted me "Making it alright?"
* He hasn't ever pressured me into sex, or asked me for sexual favors like other guys have*
We've been dating for almost 4 months, and I am just afraid he will meet someone better and much thinner.. I am always told to lose weight, but he tells me I am perfect the way I am. We met on tinder, which amazes me he wasn't in it for the sex. He was SOOO shy when I first met him. He told me he was looking for a serious solid relationship. But there's something, he NEVER invites me to family functions ( I guess I never did either, but I plan to have him come to the 4 or 3rd at my house). I am modest dressing a lot of times, but girls my age dress more revealing and I am afraid that will distract him away from me.. cause he's at his prime and I don't wanna get in the way..


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  • From what I can gather I think your scared of losing him and really you need to apprieate him.

    Guys like are really hard to find like gold dust and if he’s really into ya and doing all that then you to enjoy the fact he likes spending all that time with you.

    If you feel this way any longer then you might lose him and actually regret it because he seems like a decent genuine guy who likes to treat you good and making sure your happy

    • Oh I know, he's such a good guy. And I feel like I might lose him cause he's amazing and I am gonna bring him down. Like he even asked if he could kiss me and he said it's okay if you don't.. I don't know. I feel like I am not pretty enough. I got told I have a butter face.

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    • This is actually both of us here

    • You seem like a happy couple. I don’t see anything wrong like as Iv said even from that picture you seem a great couple I think

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  • He just loves you and will do what he can to keep you happy and respects you a great deal maybe too much and keeps you kind of like a trophy polished and happy if you want thing to progress you prob going to have to push the next step because he's too scared to loose you in doing it him self

  • He seems like a nice guy but that doesn't mean that he's too good for you.. Wether you're the one for him or not is his decision and as long as you make him happy, there is absolutely no problem to be seen here.
    You however seem insecure, thinking that you're a bother to most people once they're being nice to you but that's unreasonable.
    He's nice to you because he likes you obviously and making someone happy whom you love, will never be a bother.. No matter how much trouble it may be.
    The only way you could bother him or get in his way, is by overthinking everything he tries to do in order to make you happy..
    Don't every think you're not good enough for somebody. Don't every think you're not worthwhile someone's attention because you are.. In fact.. Everyone is.. You found someone who treats you well? Great! That's how it should be. Appreciate it, enjoy it.. And don't think negatively about it because the point of it should be the opposite.

    • *Don't ever

    • Doubting your relationship with him because it's going well, would defeat the whole purpose behind everything he does for you and everything you do for him (You make him happy and he makes you happy.. That's not necessarily dictated by actions, so don't even dare to say that you're not doing anything for him).

      Sorry for the spam.. I'm done now 😅

  • Why are you insecure about this? If he wants you then he wants you.

  • He seems like a nice guy but that doesn't mean that he is too good for you, it just mean that he is a gentlemen. You should never feel rushed and take in a moderate haste. Every good relationship has good communication so talk to him about your feelings (don't tell him you're thinking he is too good for you), tell him you adore his respect and that he is fine with you taking it slow. Tell him you want this to last and that you don't want to rush it too fast. He will like you even more and you both can take a deep breath


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