Any tips on matching with somebody on Tinder?

I've been using this app for three days and I still have yet to find a match. I'm not looking for a hookup, more of a friendship or possibly a relationship.

I right Swipe at least a few people every day. I left Swipe if they are not modestly dressed, outright say they want a hookup, are older than me (I don't think women 20-25 want a younger guy), don't have a description, have a lot of instagram pictures, etcetera. I would be lying if I said I didn't care about looks at all. But, as long as I find somebody attractive, I am not looking for a model (I left Swipe if they are too good looking as well).

I have it search in a five mile radius

My profile is a few pictures of books I like and cats, and two of me. My description is a reference to a particular show

How do I get more matches without paying for Tinder premium?
The show is important and popular enough (IASIP)

I also left Swipe if they're pursuing a medical degree, as I assume they have no interest in somebody who has not started college
I don't specify I'm not looking for a relationship, but I think it goes w/o saying.


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  • For a guy, swipe right on everybody. Just tell every chick she's beautiful and you like to listen.
    Also, you're a great cook with a big dick.

    • I'm not looking for sex though. Part of that applies, but I don't want to advertise myself that way. And I don't want any sexual innuendo or anything

    • Then look somewhere besides Tinder.

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