Evaluate my first date. ladies and guys give me your comments....

OK so on Saturday I took out a girl that I met online for the first time to the hockey game. we met up before hand and had sushi and conversation. the bill with the tip ended up being 26$ that I paid ( which I thought was a bargain for a date ).

at the game we enjoyed the game and I asked her if she would like a drink and she didn't want one so the game cost me nothing since I have season tickets and I paid for them already.

it was her first game so I taught her the rules and she watched. she got into it and was on the edge of her seat by the end.

i was lucky enough to get selected to do the jumbotron trivia game and the crew picked us up to late so they gave us a signed hockey stick and game puck. which I gave to her.

after the game she met up with her girlfriends as she mentioned the day before and she stayed to the end of the game. the game even went into overtime.

i texted her to have fun with the gals and to drive safe and she never responded.

the next day she sent me a text thanking me for taking her to the game and that she had a blast! she also told me that she is bragging to everyone about the stick that she got. I texted her that I also had a great time and we should go out again sometime this week. no response yet. so we went out on Saturday and she texted me on Sunday. it is now early Monday morning.

what do you all think and any advice or thoughts?

i should note that this girl is really cute...could easily compete with some of the cheerleaders as far as looks...

monday has passed and no contact...probably gonna get ahold of her later today...
texted her today and no response. girls would you wait to drive a guy nuts? lol.


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  • Not entirely sure what you are asking here...? Is this your first date ever? Do you want to marry the girl? Why are you asking us to evaluate your first date? Do you think it didn't go so well? It seems like it did and from what you have said you have been on a second date with her..? ('I texted her that I also had a great time and we should go out again sometime this week. no response yet. so we went out on Saturday').

    Just take it slow and if she texts you, text the poor girl back. We hate it when we don't receive a text back...its just annoying and messes with us. But having said that, don't go crazy with the texts and you don't have to text RIGHT AWAY...but anywhere within a few minutes to a few hours would be great.

    ALthough I'm a bit confised by your question (or lack thereof) so feel free to hit me up with some more questions if you want.

    • Nah I just analyze things a lot. we went out the first time just a few days ago on Saturday and then she texted me the following day...i just wonder why she didn't respond right away or a few hours later lol

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  • Sounds like everything went great, now just give it a few days and ask her again, but settle on a day.. If she didn't have fun on her date she wouldn't of texted you back and said she had a blast.

    • Yea I think her texting me back the following day is good for me. I will have to ask her again probably later today or on wednesday. what do you think? I am thinking I will take her to dinner theatre since she likes theatre but is that fine for a 2nd date? I think she would love it.

    • That sounds great for a second date!! Good luck!

    • Hopefully she decides to text me back at some point. lol. she texted me Sunday to tell me she had a great time and then I asked her out and no response. I asked her out tonight and no response yet. what do you think?

  • She probably doesn't wanna go out with you again, but is trying to be nice and not hurt your feelings. My best guess~

  • it hasn't even been a day yet, give it some time

    but next time you text her, don't say you should go out sometime, actually settle on a day. ask her if she's going anything Friday night and ask her out


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