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Ok, so there is a guy at my school that is one year level ahead of me (year 12) that has been looking at me quite a bit lately. One week ago, he even sat right near me at a bench without any explanation what so ever. He didn't even talk, he just sat there while I was doing my work. About 3 minutes later his friends also show up at the bench saying "How's it going?" and he said "Good" and a couple of girls also said to him "Oh hey Alex! How's it going?" when he was at the bench. Yesterday when him and his friends were talking (girls and guys), him, one of his guy friends and one of his girl friends also looked at me as they were speaking. We also walked past each other once and even glanced at each other for like a split second. On social media, he likes some of my posts and has even been going online and offline at the same time as me. I've also noticed that those guys that came up to him at the bench (his friends), have also been looking at me a lot too and a lot more than him to be honest. By the way at school today, my close friend even said that she caught him looking at me and talking to his friend at the same time for like a minute straight, even as I was doing my work. Accurate opinions thanks! :D
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