What's the difference between hanging out and going out?

Just wondering because a girl that I like said that she and I should hang out sometime. I've already said yes, but I get the feeling that she wants me to make the plans. how should I go about this? in addition to the difference in hanging/going out thing? I don't have much experience in this sort of thing I'm afraid


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  • Hanging out is the easy way of asking someone to go out =p

    It's like this, consider what sounds better.

    A. Would you like to GO OUT on a DATE with me Friday night?

    B. Do you wanna hang out after school?

    It's just easier for the newcomers to say. For girls it's a habit of noticing when you say hang out or go out They know they both mean the same thing, however they desperately are waiting for you to say "go out" to just reinforce what they already know. It's a girl thing, don't question.

    Good luck


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  • hanging out is more like friend-to-friend. when you hang out with someone, it's more casual, like going to the mall or somewhere not too formal.

    going out is like a date. that's when you admit you like the person or whatever you do on dates.

    as for making the plans, you should take her to a park, the mall, or the movies. it shouldn't be a fancy dinner or anything, especially if she said, word for word, "hang out" because when someone asks to hang out with you, it should be casual

  • Hanging out is usually having fun with your friends, and going out is usually a one on one date. But in this case I think she was mentioning to you that she would like to go out with you but didn't want to be to upfrond but at the same time wanted you to take the hint.


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