Girls, what do you think of this original pick-up line I just invented?

"I'm a vegan but u so sweet make me wanna go cannibal"

Cringy? Funny? Witty? Cute?
Can it break the ice with you?


Most Helpful Girl

  • That conjures up some very unpleasant images in my mind

    • coz you take it up too literal

    • I know what it means I was just honestly telling you how it makes me feel

    • It worked for me. I'm 80% plant-based (not vegan, but i do prefer vegan foods) and I think dark humor is fucking hilarious. I'm also a pervy kinda female.

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What Girls Said 4

  • Cannibal is the most offputting word I can think of. I would say carnivorous instead

  • I don’t like it

  • Say carnivore instead

  • Just don't use pick up lines at all.

    • What to do then? How do you like to be approached?

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    • U contradict uself. How do you learn what you have in common without asking personal things? And I thought pick-up lines are a good way to break the barrier. Get you chill a little bit and look to it from a funny side. If I just go to a girl in mall or park and say "Hey! You very beutiful. Nice to meet u. U single?" I think that's what can scare some girls away so better start off with a joke..

    • oh my god, no not like that. i meant don't ask personal stuff like PERSONAL PERSONAL. asking where your from or whats your mom or dad do is fine like.. use some common sense.

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