My ex called me last night and is texting me only today. Help?

I wrote a sorry letter to my ex gave it to her dad on Sunday he got it to her on Monday she calls me at work I can't talk long so I say the two things I really want her to know my voice is cracking because its on its way out right now bad timing so I end quickly. I get off I shoot her a text saying I would like to talk again in a few days when my voice is better so we text she says text only for today says she has moved on doesn't want to give me false hope of there being us and etc. So I say I am limiting the texts to 20 between us and no more than 2 pages she says were only texting today no talk. I am not mad or anything I just need to stay cool and I don't want to invest everything again. does she still have feelings for me and is sketchy like I am?

Didn't stay cool. thought today was the last day I would talk to her so sent a 9 page text saying sorry and all sorts of needy sh*t. hoping she would talk to me in the future. I probably just blew any slim chance I did have of a real friendship or other


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  • You're not the guy for her anymore.

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