How should I tell me ex/roommate that I want to get back together?

Tyler and I moved in together three weeks ago, as roommates. He had broken up with me five months ago. We are getting along really well and I've grown a lot in the last couple of months. I'm a better friend, more responsible, and less emotional. I think he broke up with me because he was burdened by my anxiety and depression. He said it was because he realized he wasn't a good boyfriend and wouldn't make me happy. That's all taken care of now and I really want to try again. He hasn't been giving me intense signals and I'm not sure that I have either; because I don't want him to feel pressured or overwhelmed. I'm not sure if he knows that I have romantic feelings for him, because I haven't flat out said it. But I also love him as a friend so he knows that I love him truly. Can I have advice on how to tell him I want to and am ready to try again? I am honestly in love with him. I hate keeping him in the dark, but I was worried that I will scare him away or that he'll think I'm backing him into a corner. Thank you so much everyone!


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  • Make him realize u 2 are happy when together..


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  • Honestly I think its better if you just leave him alone.. I mean u guys have a really intense history and I think its just better for him not to be with you cos its just gonna be too much pressure for him. Trust me I know from experience. Maybe friends could be a good start

    • We already are friends, where should I go from here?

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    • Do I give him space until he comes back to me? .. Because I believe he thinks that he's no good for me. We've been single for half a year now but I guess telling him after just two weeks would be pretty intense.

    • Just give him space. If he's comfortable he'll come back but don't make him feel bad if he doesn't come back

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