How long after a breakup is it OK to date?

so I just recently broke up with my boyfriend he said he wanted a break but didn't know how long that would take but we all know that never ends good so I'm taking it as a break up . everyone tells me I should get out there and meet new people to forget about him , is it to soon to start dating again or should I wait a little longer its only been a week.


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  • You might want to take a little longer than a week, but it would most likely make him want you back lol

    • Lol really you think so ... is that how it works now? lol

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    • You got that right lol

    • You got that right

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  • Wait another week before doing it to sort out all your remaining feelings for your (ex) boyfriend. Because, if you begin dating with the possibility of still having strong feelings for your ex leading to the chance of getting back with him you will be hurting the new person you are with.

    • Hmm yea your right thanks