Muslim guys on tinder?


How do girls feel about talking to Muslim guys on tinder. Obviously there are religious vibes but I'm talking as an open minded Muslim who wants to get to know people. Tinder was an example- other apps like blendr, skout etx.

I'm out of my home city and need to keep myself occupied so that's why I ask.


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  • Since Muslims seem to feel they are the exception to the rule, a special case cause you know, Islam is the truth and only truth the rest is lies and bullshit

    Probably better to try a Muslim dating site...

    • Sorry to hear about your experience.

      Even within Muslim groups there are types of people who have this arrogance, and it is something frowned upon. How we communicate our beliefs is something that should be improved upon with good manners but ultimately to everyone their own path.

    • Ah I just mean, cause I have Muslim’s friends and every girl is slut unless she’s Muslim lol... the whiter the sluttier lol
      Black forget it, That’s dirt lol

      I just mean to say since for most Muslim being a follower is such a big part of your life, it would make sense to share that part with her too...
      Unless you aren’t very Muslim then it’s fine go with any girl ya

    • There is a view on white girls being slutty in the Asian&muslim community and against blacks even if they're Muslim. I agree with what you're saying but I think playing it safe keeps you closed-minded. There is so much to explore and expose ourselves to, and yes Muslims do get hung up on that part but what can I say lol. We have more in common than previously thought!

  • Most muslim men in dating apps are just creepy and slimy.

  • they dont care as long as u are yourself


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