Would you feel odd dating someone that looks so much younger then they really are?

OK, I'm sixteen but a lot of people say I look like I am twelve and once someone said I appeared to be ten last year. Are most guys alright with their girlfriend looking so young? Or, does it make you feel like you are a pedophile?


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  • I'm 17 with the same problem! Good question. I've thought about that too.

  • Personally, if a guy over 18 (to me) does want to be with you and you really do look like 10 or 12 years I think its gross. Now if the guy is your age and does want to be with you and you look the way you do I wouldn't mind. I say this because the guys you go to school with is around your age and they are around you alot. so your personality will shine out towards them so your young looks will kind of disappear and you'll look like a natural 16 year old.. Now older men... uhh.. I don't know..

    I look young for my age too. I'm 22 and when people look at me they assume I'm like 16 years old. Once this man was in a car and asked me how old I was. I asked him his age and he told me he was 28 so I immediately told him I was 14.. He wasn't my type so to make things easier I lied.. Well, he didn't care..And said can I give you my number and if you want you can call me... Most men are pervs, Not all but most.. So if a guy over the age of 18 is willing to go out with you and look like a baby, cause 10 years old is young, I think he's disgusting>..

    • Yeah, I know that would be really creepy. Really, I plan on sticking with high school boys for now but I'm afraid they would be turned off by the age I look. Because, say you were a fifteen to seventeen year old guy. Would you want to be dating a girl that looks twelve? Seriously, I think the only thing that proves my age to them is my grade and that I'm well endowed in the chest area.

    • I couldn't agree more! I hate perverts!!!!! They should all rot in h*ll

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