The girl I'm dating is weird and it confuses me?

I'm italian, so I'm sorry for any mistakes you may will encounter.
I went out with a girl I really like. She's 15 and I'm 17. The first time we went out, she was was looking for empty spots where we could be alone, we walked, talked and had fun; she even asked my zodiac sign after I got back home and said it was interesting that it was the same as her father. Being a shy guy, I wasn't able to do any move on her (like taking her hand or even try to kiss her). The second time she genuinely seemed to have fun, or at least I think, because when we were waiting her mother to pick her (because she's afraid to go on my vespa/scooter) and were sitting on a bench alone I thought maybe I could make a move. Before even doing anything she started calling her mother... not 1 time... not 2... but 17 times. I was just joking about it with her because I'm the type of guy who jokes on most things, but that was quite strange to see. 17 calls in a row for 10 minutes. Well, I know she would go on another date because she said it recently, but I have just discovered she goes to sleep at 9pm. I mean... 9pm even on Saturday! I like her but I'm afraid if we got together i'd get to stay with an inversed vampire. I thought 3 options:
~stop going out with her;
~going out with her, making a move and hoping she won't do it every day;
~going out with her and asking her what does she think about us as a couple.
I already asked my friends, but I want more opinions. I don't know if it could be important, but I've never kissed a girl


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  • Don't judge on the fact to go to sleep at 9 pm. Wait to have kids and you will dream about a 8 pm xD. 17 times? Maybe she doesn't feel comfortable with you... maybe this is the issue. You are dating together so it is already something. Talk with her of all and everything, make a confident situation. Eyes crossing, smile after a smile, come closer and see if she is receptive before to continue your move. In case just ask. *Communication*.


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