Do girls find bigger guys attractive?

Are girls put off by bigger guys even if think they're good looking, so would she pick a slimmer less attractive guy over a bigger better looking guy?


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  • My experience is that women live the contrast of her verses her man. The greater the contrast the more the woman wants it. This is why you see skinny bonny women hanging on broad shoulder muscle mass or unGoddly huge ballon women coupling with string bean twirps. Short with tall and amazingly gorgeous with butt ugly (insert celebrity gossip here). Of course this is also true for other characteristics such as psycho with introverted and socially responsible with the obnoxious. Rarely do you see a couple that are so alike it's sickening.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Of course they do (some of them). Its just like how some guys are into slim, leggy blondes and don't prefer the bigger girls. But there are some guys out their that worship their big girls bodies and love them for who they are. Its the same for girls


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  • Bigger like what? Being taller? Or heavier?

  • I don’t mind a guy with a bit of chubb to him.

    • How would you describe yourself?

    • Average weight, slightly bottom-heavy, short, decent face.

    • Sounds good to me 😂 I like a bit of heaviness In the bottom

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