Guys, if a girl reaches out after a first date to say she had a nice time and inquires about your weekend-would you reply?

I have always had a guy reach out after I text him after a first date. Some have needed a knudge and asked me out a second time and others let me down easily. I met a guy recently who has been single for a long time after a divorce and have not heard anything. My friends think that is strange? Thoughts?


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  • Yes it sounds a bit odd. personally I'd have replied even if I didn't want a second date. I wouldn't just cut of contact...

    • Thanks! You think he’s maybe ambivalent? I sensed he’s a bit introverted and was married 15+ years.

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    • Maybe he could be. However if he was interested he would have contacted you back and pushed for a second date. Unless he is really shy or maybe afraid of getting into another relationship. Not knowing how the marriage ended, but if it ended badly he may not want to put himself in that place again and consequently it paralyses him for pushing relationships forward.

    • Thank you! Not sure how it ended? I sensed he’s an introvert and maybe low self esteem as a result of his height. But again-only he knows why he did not reply?

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