Not sure if guy im going on dates with is shy or not interested?

Met a guy online.
He's attractive and I like how he's passionate about his job. One thing that's killing me is his passiveness. He's very shy and not able to lead. I'm such an independent person that likes a dominant male who knows what he wants.

I'm sure my looks is not the problem. He frequently tells me I'm pretty or hot. However when we meet he gets shy and can't talk a lot. However when he does talk he curses and sometimes we run out of topics so I bring up random stuff.

We went on two dates but it's that one small thing that's killing me.

The first date I initiated saying I had a good time and let's do it again. He said he did too and invited me out again. This time we just talked about everything under the sun and had dessert. We hugged goodbye after the date. I haven't heard from the whole night.
What should I do? Do I wait to see if interested? Or do I become the dominant person and ask again if he had a good time... which I hate. :(


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  • Actually I'm that type of guy (except leading stuff) Don't wait; ask that guy... cause he is a genuine guy (from what I can understand) shy guys take care of their ladies but may not be in a dominant way but sure in a sweet way. Hold on to him...

    • So you would not ask a girl out after a first date, even if she sent you a text? I’m dealing a shy guy too.

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    • Yeah that's what I thought. I was forcing it a bit too much or he was looking for quick sex

    • Before saying "yes" to sex , he must like/love you. Otherwise it'll be more like friends with benefits! Don't have sex with him until he is interested/invested in you.

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