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Why does my ex boyfriend keep texting, and calling me?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me (4+ months ago), after almost 6 years together. Side note: We have a child together. So I understand calling to ask about the child, or texting, but his messages include me on it, why would they? I stopped calling and texting him thinking it was for the best. Especially now, because I found out from our 5 year old child that he is seeing someone else. Now, he won't stop texting me or calling me and leaving messages. Usually the messages are things like...hope you are having a good day, how is it going, have a good night, good morning etc. Anywhere from 1 line in a text message to a 30 second voice message. I haven't responded to his text messages or phone calls. Other than having my child call him back to touch base and I could hear him on the phone say what's your Mom up to? That's when I told my child to wrap up the phone call, because what I am doing isn't his business. My thing is why is he reaching out for me? He broke up with me, he left his family for that other girl. Is he starting to panic because I am ignoring him? What do text messages that say things like "wondering how you are doing" mean? Why isn't he investing his time into this new girlfriend? I wouldn't think she would be to happy to know he is texting me good morning, or good night...

Why does my ex boyfriend keep texting, and calling me?
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