Does My Girlfriends Ex still like her?

My girlfriend and her ex broke up a while back. He broke up with her due to lack of feelings.

He was invited to the same flat party we both were but as we all get on and there is no known bad blood, there wasn't a problem. Until he started drinking. He would wait until I was away from her and start talking to my girlfriend. He allowed me to join in so this wasn't a red flag at first.

Then when we went to the club, he was out of his mind. It's a wonder he got in. He kept touching both my girlfriend and her close friend, Lucy. He would dance and sing with my girlfriend, putting his arm around her. Whenever she turned away, he would rub her waist to get her to look at him then try and get her to dance and sing. Later on, he started rather violently grabbing the back of her neck, then pulling her hair for no real reason. I would have stepped in but didn't find out about that part until afterwords. She thinks he was trying to copy something he liked to do during sex but doesn't have a clue why.

He would try and dance with my girlfriend and when he started getting too close, he would pull back and push me in his place telling me to pay my girlfriend attention. He would then pull me away from her to tell me how nice her butt looked, telling me to spank it right there and then (he asked this seven times but I wasn't going to slap her ass while he watched) and just how nice she looked in general telling me to "get in there lad!"

My ex didn't cheer him on either, she treated him no differently than any of her mates and pulled away when he started getting touchy feely.

I took him home early where he was talking about finding someone hot and said it was Lucy he was talking about. A few hours later, out of the blue, he messaged my girlfriend saying "I'd shag the hell out of Lucy!" Which was an odd message to get from an ex she hardly speaks to.

What do you think? I think he likes her sexual wise and used Lucy to hide said feelings.


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  • Well i agree with your analyze in the end. For me it is obvious that he is still interested in your girlfriend, and used Lucy as an scapegoat. I think you should be very careful about her being around him, specially if he is drunk, because he for sure seems to still have at least sexual attraction for your girlfriend. But judging by the way he acted around her when he was drunk, i clearly can see at least one reason why she dumped him. He seems like he cannot control himself very well when he is drunk, and that is a good reason to break up with someone. People that ehxibit that kind of behavior are possible woman beaters in future years. I justhope that he grow out of it or stop drinking altogether if he cannot control himself while drunk, but i would advise you to be more careful and protective of your gilfriend while around him.


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