I hope he regrets what he did?

I was hurt my boyfriend of 2 years left me 7 months pregnant I did everything in my power to get him back for the sake of loving him so much. I am now 8/ months pregnant I gave up fighting. Being treated like shit for a month and a half. i sent him a long text saying he hurt me etc he said okay goodbye so I sent him a lot of our pics through the years and said you want to leave me go ahead but take all the memories with you and tbh it helped me through the pain. He will be opening the text when he wakes up and tbh I hope he feels pain. Because I did for so long😭✊


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  • If you're having a kid together, you'll be in each other's lives for along time.

    I know nothing of what happened, so all I can assume is he's tripping out over baby.
    Give it time, you may still be together.

    In the mean, vent what you gotta vent.
    Also, I personally believe that you baby can feel your pain.
    Try to be strong for baby in yer tummy.
    I know, easier said than done in you're position, but for the sake of the little one, force yourself into some positivity.

    If you're man sees you're not broken with out him, it could work in your favour.
    For realz. (app says you're 18) so if you doubt or don't understand what I mean, ask older people. (yes even parents)
    They may be able to explain better than I can in a message window.

    • You’re the only person who actually gave me good advice and actually have helped my mind set. Thank you so much I am trying to do what is right for my kid and that’s why I finally let him go. How he was treating me was effecting the baby he knew this and still didn’t stop. He says he wants wants to be in the babies life but hasn’t helped out what so ever. He choose drinking parting and smoking over me and his child. In my eyes my child doesn’t deserve that in any way. He disrespected the mom while pregnant so what would change when he is born

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    • That might not be the case.
      Remeber, I don't know much, so you can't really take what I say to the bank.

      If you focus on being happy, you may find someone else that can make you happy.
      I know it's hard to think that way. In the last month I've been there. You feel like there's no hope for a future between the two of you. Believing the negative is all too easy, and when someone tells you to believe the positive, it's condescending, it's almost insulting, but it's all still true.

      It's up to you to make yourself be strong. Bb can feel what you feel and it will effect bb.

    • The baby is healthy is growing ahead of schedule I only have 5 weeks left and I just found out he is in jail for a week. Maybe he will think about me and the baby and maybe I’ll have time to move on.

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  • You should also have mentioned that you will be looking, wanting and expecting financial support from him, for the next 18yrs or so.

    • If he doesn’t want to be in his child’s life I’m not forcing that on him and I’m not going to take money from him. It was my choice to lay down with him it was my choice to keep the baby and it was my choice to let a person who may or may not want to be in my child’s life I don’t need help I can handle my own

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    • I’ll tell the baby his dad didn’t want to help out or know him he left. I was raised with a single parent and my mom didn’t ask for child’s support. You’re either a man or a boy and in my case he’s a boy it’s very sad but true

    • Thank you for the MHO.

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  • So much hatred...

    • Nah so much pain

    • I feel that you shouldn't want that ur ex should be hurt or regret...

    • He told me every day I was boring worthless crybaby. Choose his friends over me I tried and tried to keep my family together because he only started testing me like that around 6 months. He hurt me to the point I went into depression and pregnant at the same time. He deserves to be in pain for having someone who would have done nothing but make him happy.

  • Keep hoping... they never do coz they r maaaaaan.

  • He won't he will open it then delete it

    • In my head that’s what I thought he would do

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    • That's the thing u should be moving 9n for the baby the stress u are under is not good for him he has shown he is not a good partner for the child so don't plead for him back yes if he wants to be in the child's life u can't stop that but that's in the child's life not yours look for better not what u can get

    • I kinda stop that if he’s not going to stop drinking treating me like shit I can easily take his rights away he has proven to me time and time again he isn’t going to be a good father and he went to jail for a week today so yeah

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