Does anyone actually chat in this place?

Only, a few minutes old on this site, so far almost 50 ad's of dating sites, whatever, but do people actually talk and maybe date here? Went through about 100 questions people have, answer to each is obvious. I wonder if anyone here has any self-esteem at all, ask me a question, I have a high I. Q.


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  • Honestly this app isn't designed to be a dating app, And the ads disappear as you level up in Xper.

    • So just a bunch of naive people asking ridiculous questions, great, I'll help a few, but then that's it, I have more then enough real people asking me questions, as I give sound advice, not really interested in dating the insecure anyway

    • Cool. So why you on this site? Just to preach some shit? Sounds like the rest of them here. 😂 You fit in well.

    • Won't fit in here, not interested in preaching to sheep, a sheep will aways be so, I have better things to do then help the dumb

  • "I have a high I. Q."

    • Good, so why are you here? The answers to these questions are ridiculously simple. I know, help the naive, but half these people are beyond help, too insecure to accept the truth and OMG change

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    • Some genuinely need help, yeah. But trust me, there are desperate people here. I'm talking from experience.

    • I agree, I see it, need advice, not sure they will get it though, oh, well, I have no time to help them, 4k t. v. and Netflix, think I will watch another episode of A Series Of Unfortunate Events, have a good one - deleting this depressing app🐸🐸🐸

  • Not a hook up site dude

    • Good, I am not interested in hooking up with naive, insecure, people

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    • How true, could be like you, insecure, a member of this sheep herd, grow up

    • That’s true, you could be like me and grow up one day. But despite all appearances that your immature, insecure, and just a total dick, I believe you may end up eventually being a valuable member of society.
      Yknow what? On second thought you’re just a dick

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