Girls, do you look down on a guy for having sex with an older woman?

This girl I was dating and I were at the gym together, and we saw a woman I used to have sex with. This woman is older (early 40s) and in great shape, but my date (who is 20) couldn't understand why I had had sex with her. I was like, well, she's hot and great in bed, so it was great. My date didn't accept that, and she basically couldn't get over why I'd be with someone older when I'm attractive and can get hot younger girls. This led me to believe that she looks down on me for having been with an older woman. Is that common?


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  • Ok, if the guy was hot like you and could get any girl, I might wonder a little bit. There are attractive older women, but most guys like younger girls. But I wouldn't look down on him either way. A guy who's strong and out getting his needs met is a totally healthy thing. It's never a shock to me that a guy will take what's available. Someone's gotta be piping down all those women out there;)

    • I thought most girls understood this, but I don't think that's the case. I am a guy and will take opportunities that present themselves (or throw themselves at me) when I can, as long as I'm interested.

    • I probably understand guys better than most because I have two older brothers. Both get a ton of girls and aren't that picky, which is what I think of as normal for masculine guys.

  • I think most women hold the idea that guys like younger girls

    • Yeah, but do they look down on guys for having sex with older women?

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    • We get guys are physical and want sex without emotional attachment. But she’s saying you could hook up with younger women with great bodies who are prettier and closer to your age and not your mother’s, and she would understand that easier

    • That's exactly what she said, basically why wasn't I hooking up with younger hot girls rather than an older woman. I wouldn't have told her about the other woman if I thought I would get negatively judged for it. Lesson learned.

  • You were dating a woman who is old enough to be your mother? That's kinda weird.

    • in the ghetto, maybe. Who's mother had them at age 16?

    • Well, it's common in most of the African countries.

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