She wants to take it slow, but still wants to be intimate (but just little), is she really interested?

I've met a wonderful girl. She wants to take it slow. But she wants to hug, kiss and cuddle but just little. I'm not sure how much little is, but it's more than nothing. She said she's not ready right now for a relationship. She needs more time.

And of course I will accept her wish. But I really hope she is interested, and don't just playing with me. But I don't think so.

So is she interested in me? Or am I friendzoned? Yesterday she called me teddy bear. Maybe she's too affraid to say she's not interested at all?

Another question. What would you think about a guy, who accept your wish about talking it slow? Would you be more interested in him? Would you think he can be the right one?

Third question. Is she testing me? Testing my patience? Maybe both wants to take it slow and testing me at the same time?
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  • You are being bottled up and stored for future use. The problem is, there is no guarantee she will open your jar or move on to the next guy. At our age, I would not wait. It could take her a couple of years to come around. Who knows? I wouldn't dump her, but if you met another woman that was interested I would move on. Nothing wrong with taking things slow, but it is a problem when you can't differentiate if your relationship with her only friends or something more. For me, cuddling isn't being intimate. I think she is playing and using you for an emotional crutch right now. Once she is ready to become sexually involved it might be with someone else and not even you.


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  • I think she's testing and teasing you my opinion she's probably benefiting from you some other way. And depends on how long this relationship has been going on


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  • maybe she is

  • Unless she's a virgin or has always been this way, then it's utter bullshit. A lot of these so called ''lets take it real slow'' people are quick to drop their clothing for guys that really get them hot.

    Think about it. What do you want to do when you love the taste of a meal?

    When you were a kid, how agonizing was it to wait for the next day for your Christmas gifts sitting under the tree?

    If you were queuing up for something you loved, would you want the queue to be long or short?

    Taking it slow is bullshit and no offense, but it's classic chump behavior when men agree to that. Not because they are taking it slow, but because the women that claim to want to take it slow, took it very fast with another man at some point.

    If a woman tells you she wants to take it slow, the majority of the time she's taken it too fast with the bad boys. I'd tell her to gtfo...


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