Does age have to do with the fact that he isn't talking to me as much as he used to?

I'm really sorry I tried to make this short and sweet. but failed.

and I honestly have nothing against age, I've only really ever been attracted to older guys.

I've known this guy 6 years prior to dating him, we worked in the same building but we never talked because I always thought he didn't like me. He was another one of my daydreams, and I guess you could say I'm still in disbelief that he has feelings for me. Anyways, we've been seeing each other since September, before we dated he'd text me all the time, and during our first couple dates around those times he'd always text and call, even on his breaks and stuff. He's 35 and I'm 20, because we never really talked and he knows my mom and stuff, it was hard for us to actually get close? Like we made contact on our 2nd date, I got a hug...a half hug. and on our fourth near the end we kissed. After that date he slowly stopped texting as much, barely called. And I'd get upset because every Friday we'd have plans and he'd bail, wouldn't even cancel on me. I know his work schedule is messed up, sometimes he works nights, and sometimes over 12hr shifts. I'm really self conscious and I told him he just needs to tell me he's busy, and I'd need confirmation if he likes me and whatever. I've pretty much confessed this stuff to him a couple times now so I'm scared he's backing off because of that. He told me he likes me and he just wants to take things slow. He told me he was married and just had to get out of it because it became a routine. So there's reasons for his lack there of. the last time I saw him was the night before Halloween and we chilled at his place for a bit before I went home. after that it'd be me texting to say hi and he'd one word me..that's how he texts but normally we'd at least talk for a bit... sometimes he won't even reply back..

I don't know how to read this guy. I'm like waiting for Christmas, but I know he won't do anything. So I'm waiting for valentines day to see if he'd like do something to confirm anything for me, so I can at least move on. Typical girl who can't focus on her papers because the guy she like won't tell her he misses her. He used to tell me that all the time!

And last note, he would also, be like "okay you're busy I get it" when I wouldn't text back or something... but when I do, its being annoying. This isn't fun.


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  • Ditch this bum! Your wasting your time. Like I tell many others YOUR YOUNG you have plenty of time to find someone. The fact that he was married and became divorced because it became "routine" should draw a HUGE red flag! Life cannot be spontaneous forever eventually you have to settle down. It sounds to me like he just wants to do his own thing and when he wants to see you for something out of the ordinary he does. Hell you might even be considered his "trophy" just because he's older and your the hot young girl.

    My suggestion find someone who isn't afraid of commitment and won't play games with you. I think for the most part he just enjoys being alone, so let him go.

    • You kind of made it all crystal clear. The hard part for me is accepting all that and telling him I'm done.

    • Glad I could help. Remember the sooner you tell him the sooner you can start the healing process! Just remember after you break it off to keep yourself busy so it dulls the pain. Don't be friends with him after that either because it will just make it harder on you and set you back. Stay strong and stick to your guns! :)

  • He could have problems because of the age difference, or he's just not that into you, bit worried that you might have a crush or infatuation not a good thing to build a relationship on and then he also know your mom etc...lots of things workign against it but if you tried at least you know etc


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