How to seduce a Japanese woman?

How can a blackman like me seduce a Japanese woman? I dated a chinese girl before but because I am a fan of Japanese culture, it was difficult and she was too lazy.

I am really curious on dating one.


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  • Not sure, I've heard that they're abit racist actually.

  • You are in luck, as there are plenty of Japanese women who fantasize about having sex with a black man.

    You are out of luck, in that you actually have to find one, as most won't have anything to do with you.

    Here is my suggestion A:
    1. Learn to speak Japanese fluently.
    2. Move to Japan.
    3. Sign up for the Japanese equivalent of Tinder and use it until you score.

    Suggestion B:
    1. Buy a ticket to Okinawa.
    2. Find a brothel that has Japanese girls (as opposed to Filipino and Thais).
    3. Hire one.

    • I took some Japanese class and went to Japan twice on vacation.

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    • I typed a "C", not a smiley face.

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