Would you reject a guy who was a perfect match with you but a different race?

Had this happen a couple times on dating sites where me and the girl had a lot of stuff in common so I would message her and instantly get a not interested because of my race


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  • People like on dating sites. I wouldn't dwell on it too much. You'll find someone that you get along with really well and things will work out. I wish the best for you.


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  • Depends on the race 😂 I always had a good look on the profile before fully making a decision though

    • I get this mainly from white women so I don’t know if it’s just them that’s racist

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    • Then her personality is shit. Big deal. Some are racist. I'm not saying no one is. But don't base every person rejecting you saying they're racist.

    • Yeah she started saying all black people and mixed people were sketchy

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  • For some yes, but ususlly guys who are a perfect match for me are white or another race and I'm okay with it. My boyfriend is white and he's everything I wanted in a guy.

  • Why?

    • I’m just asking

    • No I mean, wtf, races in humans doesn't exist anymore tho what's the matter!

    • For some people it does

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