To all the singles out there. Are you “love sick” often?

I don’t really understand why I have phases where I am completely love sick. I think about being in love and being intimate for one-two weeks straight then suddenly get myself together, and then continue my life like those thoughts never cross my mind. I can go on for weeks, and then it comes lurking back on me for some days. This happens all the time. It is a cycle that I can’t to shake off. I want to just be happy with being alone, but it is so hard sometimes. Sometimes I love it, other times I hate it.
Been single for two years and six months. All my sisters are in relationships, the same with all my friends.

Any advice on how I can stop getting “love sickness”?


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  • It's not "human" to be alone all the time. That doesn't mean you have to be in an intimate relationship, but you need to build a close bond with someone or with multiple people. It just so happens that the easiest way to accomplish this is by having intimate relationships.

    What can you do? Find a person or group of people that you can connect with on a deeper level. Develop relationships where you don't necessarily need a specified activity in order to spend time together. Conversation - real, deep conversation - is bonding, possibly even closer than physical bonding. I believe that is the bond we actually miss.

    We can share our souls with another person physically if it's done properly, but we also can (and should in intimate relationships as well) share through conversation.

    • Thank you so much for this post. This set things in perspective. I am trying to get new friends. That is one of my goals cause I none of my friends actually have time for me anymore. So I am trying to find friends right now that I can be close with a build a bond. I am taking this advice with me! :)

    • I'm happy if this was helpful.

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  • For me I'd like the company, the cuddling, intimacy, but I need my alone time too. So if I can find someone who can have a health balance of both, that'd be nice. But until then, the love sickness is on lockdown

    • I am actually completely the same. I would love to have someone one the side, but that isn’t the reality of my life. I have been without sex for year... and last time I even kissed a guy was some months ago. But yeah. I love my alone time! So I am trying to also find someone that can accept that.

    • But how do you keep it on lockdown? I need advice

    • By default I'm pretty individualistic, while having sex and kissing someone and doing all those things would be nice, I just think about the cases of if it gets out of control and I end up tied down and can't even read my books in peace or watch shows or play games.

  • Try and find a guy who makes you happy, don't be afraid to let someone in but just be careful, it's better than you'd think, having someone in your life that makes you smile and feel happy, it's a good thing to have that

    • It isn’t that easy. I get guys that are interested but in sex and not a real relationship with matters more to me right now. I really wish I could be happy with someone but that isn’t my reality right now

    • Try to look for a person that's not all about sex, there are enough people who aren't only interested in sex

  • I'm having it right now and I had a break up recently

    • Ooh. I am sorry! You will get over it with time. :) find it in friends and family. And yourself (self care)

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