Girls, What to do if she doesn't realize it's supposed to be a date? She used the N word?

I'll try to abridge this as much as possible.
New girl at work
She specifically tells me that she is new to the state, is always available, has no boyfriend, etc.
Asks me if I've ever heard of this one band, which I haven't, but there's an upcoming concert and she really wants to go.

Me "Well hey do you want to go out on Tuesday? I'll take you out to that concert."

She agrees, tells me to text her if I get bored at work.

This morning I texted her that I was able to get tickets. And where she'll want me to pick her up (She doesn't have a car)

Her text: "Hey good morning and omg you really did? You didn't have to that is sooo nice of you and I guess just my place I'm not too far from our job"

If it were you, would you understand that I'm not just trying to be friendly and "Nice", but that I'm trying to explore the possibility of a romantic relationship? Do you feel that I've made my intent well known enough, or do I need to specifically use the word "Date" even knowing that younger women try to avoid the label?


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  • Dude that isn’t the N word.

    • When you're a guy being called "Nice" by a woman you're romantically interested in, it's very damn close. Being called "Nice" has NEVER meant anything good for me.

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    • And those years have given me enough pattern recognition to know that Nice guys absolutely finish last. I'm not trying to fake being a "Bad boy" because that's simply not who I am. But "Nice"... I really wish women understood how that comes across. I'm not trying to be "Nice." I'm not trying to be a "Really good friend." I'm trying to date her.

      If you were in that position, would you feel that was made clear enough?

    • Literally tell her how you feel.

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