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So my boyfriend is a HUGE country kid, and he hunts (almost threw a rock at a bird but I told him no) and he said he feeds cats but threw them? He does have a temper. Are these things to worry about? And carries around a knife, but he makes me so happy and is so sweet to me. He holds doors open for me, and pays for me on whatever we do. Also drives an hour to see me and is rarely ever on his phone. Are these things a country kid does? He hunts and fishes, and is a hard worker and farmer. He has guns, his parents are still together. He walks up to the door to get me. He curses a lot, but I really like him.. Are these anything to worry about? I don't wanna worry about having a serial killer on my hands here. He also gets stoned a lot, he said it helps him calm down. Please tell me he's just a good guy..


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  • Just because someone hunts doesn't make them a serial killer. Yes serial killers have history of violence to animals but hunting is completely different. Its a sport with rules and regulations and seasons where you can and can't hunt. Serial killers don't take any of that into count and they don't kill the animals humanely like most hunters, they torture the poor animals.

    Most people who live in the country do hunt. Its what they do. They are surrounded by woods and animals. Its also illegal to hunt in a city, you have to be in the country side.

    Don't worry too much about it. Just because he enjoys hunting doesn't mean anything.

    • Oh thank god, I know. He was raised differently than I was. He is so close to his family, and is such a nice guy. I was just worried. But he almost threw a rock at a bird when I was with him.. like it was a game.. I told him no he didn't do it. I was just worried..

    • I can understand the worry. I'm not big on hunting, in a way I understand it but for the most part I don't.

      From what you said, he seems like a great guy who probably just enjoys hunting as a sport just like fishing. If it bothers you you can always ask him not to do that or discuss it when you are around. Tell him it's okay if he enjoys it but it's not something you are into and would rather not hear about or see.

    • And about the cat thing? He said he feeds barn cats but picks them up by their tails and throws them? Is he just raised differently? I don't understand.. he said he has a bit of a temper. He always supports me in what I do, I was debating to go vegan and he was so supportive. I told him I love animals and such. He's just so good to me, and I haven't had this before. It took us 2 months before we even kissed, he seems shy.

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  • You've already decided that he's a good guy. Whatever we say ain't gonna change that

    • Well is he?

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    • @FlamingoJones73 I am in Iowa.

    • Never been but I see a lot of hunting Shit out there. It would make sense he is raised to all ways Cary a knife.

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  • Anyone who hurts animals is someone you need to worry about. It sounds like you've already made up your mind and that you just want people to agree with you to make you feel better about it... but I'm not going to do that. I think you need to be really careful. I don't think hunting and fishing is a problem but it is NOT "country" to hurt random animals. That's horrible.

  • If these things are a dealbreaker for you, it’s best that you end things sooner rather than later.

    • I don't know what to do.. :/

    • You are the only one who can decide this. It clearly bothers you, or you wouldn’t be having a crisis.

    • I just don't want him to turn out to be a serial killer. XD

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