I finally got my crushes number !! Based off our conversation do u think she likes me?

So I met her my freshman year of high school and she ended up going to the same college as me any way I ran into her on my way to class and we struck up a conversation just talking about what we’ve been up to and stuff any way before we went to class I worked up the confidence to ask her for her number and she took my phone and put her number in. I’ve gotten a lot of girls numbers before but none have really worked out so I really want this one to work out , from what I can tell I think she likes me cause she always compliments my shirts, and stuff like that (one time she even stood hella close to me and said I smell good wtf?) and Incase ur wondering I would say she’s at least a 9.5/10 anyway I texted her for a bit and she left me unread but after a day I thought I try it one More time and this is how it went down:
Me: Damn ur hella fake
Me: hella left me on read
Her: I’m weak
Me: lmao u still out school?
Her: no I just left
Me: o fr it’s cool I was gonna see if u wanted to chill before my next class
Her: lol aww
Her:if u woulda texted like 5 min earlier
Me: fr? It’s cool , u going tomorrow?
Her: lol on fridays? No sir
Me: lol damn I got one tomorrow
Her: that’s one too many
Me:lol tru, well ima go pick something up to eat I’m hella starving , I’ll text u later.
Her: lol ok be careful
Me: haha ok i will
So what do u guys think? Does she like me I kno it’s a small sample size but what do u think. by the way thanks for bearing with me this is long af lol


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  • Id say its possible she sounds interested, just keep going at it and hope for the best

  • Stop saying Hella Cartman

  • Doesn’t seem like it. Stop saying hella it’s annoying.

    • Wtf sounds like someone’s on their period

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    • I mean it’s true you can’t.

    • Not trying to be mean.

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