If she said she'd have feelings for me too after I proposed to her online, is she saying the truth or just doesn't wanna hurt me?

I'm turning 18 next month and she's 20
There's this awesome girl i met online 7 months ago, she's wonderful, modest, open minded, submissive, and pretty
We live very far from each other, different countries, but we have the same dream and we're both gonna be in Canada next year
I told her about my feelings yesterday and she told me she can't have feelings towards someone online, but the feelings would be mutual if it was in real life, she continued to comfort me being so sweet n stuff, complimenting me and telling me that i'm amazing and perfect, n texting me all night to make sure i'm doing fine
So what do you think? Would she really have feelings for me once we meet? Or is she just giving me an excuse to reject me instead of telling me that i'm not her type?
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  • She wants to meet you irl first to know how she really feels. She's a very mature girl. She doesn't have any feelings for you rn

    • She's very mature
      That's why i'm crazy about her lol, she isn't like any of my exes

  • Are you guys actually meeting?

    • Next year we're both gonna be in Canada, not sure if we're gonna be close but i'm gonna meet her at least once

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    • Oh okay well, then just keep in touch and see from there. My only advice is not to get all your hopes and ambition into this as it sounds like she isn't quite ready to do that herself. If you guys meet and hit it off, then find out. Best of luck!

    • Alright thank you! ❤

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