Is it really as hopeless as it seems?

I was widowed a few years ago. I'm 25 and have a young child. I couldn't figure out how to date if my life depended on it, I've never done it, I don't know how. I like to be dominated in the bedroom. How do you even find a dominant man, and one who's open to you having a child? Especially when you're preschool mom by day.


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  • "How do you even find a dominant man, and one who's open to you having a child? "

    You know what you want, that's a good start. Suggestion: specify more than just that, because your child's happiness is also YOUR responsibility, in addition to your own happiness. e.g. He must love me, my child and treat him/her as his (many guys cannot do that. Heck, many even abuse their own children should they ever get marry!)

    After you have your list (detailed) of attributes the guys must possess, visualize/feel the end results. On and off, no stress. This way, your subconscious receive your "order", and start working on it, for you. The subconscious is a lot more powerful than the conscious mind. If you have had nightmares that scared the hell out of you, you know how powerful the subconscious is. And this is only the tip of the iceburg of its power. It also creates real life realities, for you. Keep focusing on what you want, remember, accept no compromises.

    You can stop and let go of this visualizing/feeling the future you want --- when you are so crystal clear about your "future" that if someone is to wake you up at 4:30am, and ask you what your future/next husband looks like, you can describe him, how he treats you and your child, ...etc. fluently without 2nd thoughts. Best of luck.


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