Can I stay friends with my ex?

Hi! My ex and i broke up about 4 weeks ago, but I'm a lot better now because I'm just the sort of person to cry it out and quickly get on with my life, because I think that's healthy. Anyway, he dumped me because he said he was emotionally unavailable, and that I did nothing wrong. He was very kind about it and even gave me a hug. This is largely because he's literally me as a man, and because he thinks I'm very kind and caring. E. g. similar values, identical personalities, same hobbies, same sense of humour, etc. We never fought or anything, so there's nothing toxic going on. I was heart broken, but after a while, I got over it. It's just who I am. I thought long and hard and decided it was for the best, but when we broke up, he said he understands if I don't want to see him again, but he said he'd be really disappointed because he really wants to stay friends. And trust me, it's not to keep me around for sex, because he knows I feel very strongly about waiting until marriage. We have never
masturbated or pleasured one another, and we have never had oral sex. All we have done is kiss and see each other naked (hardly though, we just keep on our underwear and all).

Also, the first time we met again was decided by both of us and it was ok because we are both very busy people and thus couldn't spend too much time together. Now, he asked me if I would be interested in meeting up after almost two weeks, and I said yes. Also, when I told him my uncle died a bit after he asked to meet up, he was very friendly, to the point where he said he'd Facetime or Skype me if I ever needed to tell him how I feel.

I lost a boyfriend, but I don't want to lose a good friend. I'm not doing this as a way to get back together. If that happens, great, if not, I don't care. He also says it's possible we might get back together, but that he just doesn't know and simply wants to remain good friends.

So, what should I do? What does all this mean?


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  • This all means that you two are the best of friends and you seem more stronger that way, you may have a lot in common but there seems to be something that you 2 are not ready for in a relationship with eachother

  • Contact him, if he wants to stay friends that's really something and you should definitely keep in touch before it's too late


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