Do you believe that bad beginning will not end in good relationship?

I mean like, when two people start to know each other, there is so much difficulty/misunderstanding about each othet in the beginning of dating.. Will lead to bad relationship (even if they end up as a couple)?


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  • Possibly yes. I mean in the beginning phase it is usually the honeymoon period where everything should be going smoothly due to the excitement and lust feelings. If you are constantly arguining it may be a good prediction that you may not be as compatible.

    • We didn't argue.
      We just met up (on dates) 3 times.

      2nd date he asked for my permission to kiss me, we ended up making out. 3rd date he asked me out for dinner.

      He is a calm person. He is a pilot. Based in abu dhabi.
      He flew to my city to spend 2nd and 3rd date on weekend. He wanted to be more intimate. (Basically he wanted sex, if i gave permission).

      3rd we cannot talk a lot. I also think i made wrong statements that is actually not me. We both were much more silent.
      We both felt awkward. It is like everything went to fast than it should. Wrong pattern.
      At the very beginning, he was kinda unsure to meet me, cancelled twice, though he was actually inter3sted to meet me, and finally he changed his flight schedule to meet up with me for the first time for a few hours.
      I felt he was unsure due to im in jakarta, i had difficulty of taking leave in office, he knows im still virgin, there internal conflict in his mind, and he admits flight to jakarta very rare compared to bangkok. All c

    • All combined.

      So it feels so difficult even though we know we are attracted to each other.

      And he doesn't text me for months.
      But he is the one who raised "the relationship" topic with me. He said he wanted to start something between us, thats why he flew over to jakarta to spend 2nd and 3rd date, like to " find out" more anf see the posaibilities.

      Since our very last meet up, he didn't text me at all.
      We both are very polite persons.
      Im polite with him, so is he. Very much.

      Our last texts, we thanked to each other, his last words "looking forward to the next one!".

      Honestly, i know it is very very low possibilty we will meet again

    • Sorry talking too much

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  • I think that a bad start will most likely destined to have a bad ending when it comes to misunderstanding. Even a good start doesn't mean anything except maybe things won't end so negatively.

    • Do u mind if i tell u my case?

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    • I hope you get this message! Sorry I just got your last message, haven't been on here for a fee days because I've been busy. Don't jump off that bridge at least not until I can get there stop you or catch you ;) I do think you're an honest person I just meant that maybe you weren't being honest to yourself. And after your follow up comment maybe I was wrong. Thank you for picking me to be the lead man when it came to advice, that made me feel very special. Hopefully in the next day or so I'll level up and will be able to message privately. I would love to chat some more with you if you don't mind? And if you can get private messages. You seem like an very special young lady that is very caring, loving, open, honest and kind. I could go on and on but I'll leave it at that for now lol. Hope to talk to you again and sometime in the near future. Until then take care and stay away from those bridges!!! lol

    • Hello.. Haha thanks for replying.
      Haha im happy making u feel special. Well, u do give me the best response. Though i still dunno what u really think about this guy thinks.

      Anyway, my name is Eliza.
      And you... 1976BigD... Ow ow wow. Hahha!

      Im gonna add you.
      User name: aidelwaish

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  • No it dosent matter if both are expressing their thoughts and their like and dislike truly things will settle at their place and will build a good bond between then

  • Depends what u mean by bad start to it what actually happend

  • I agree


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