Does he want me back or not?

So, my boyfriend broke up with me a month or so ago because he said he was emotionally unavailable. However, he said he would love if we could stay friends, and trust me, it's not for sex as I choose abstinence. I decided to stay friends, and we both agreed on meeting up and it was fun, but we are both so busy that we didn't spend too much time together. Anyway, I didn't message him for almost two weeks, and he asked to meet up, and I agree to it. My brother said that he may have taken me for granted as a girlfriend, and now appreciates me because I allowed him to miss me.

Keep in mind, that he is attracted to me and acts just like me in so many ways. And also, after the break up, he said that it is possible that he may want to be in a relationship with me again, but that we should see how it works as he is only ready for a good friendship now.

(NOTE: I'm not friends with him with the hope that we will be together again. I just think it could be cool, but now, I'm over liking him in that way)

So, what do you guys think?


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  • If you over liking him in that way, tell him that it is okay for you to stay friends, but not more.

  • I sont think so , if u want him back energies ur conversation , do some ontings and outdoor game together it may help u get him back


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