Have you ever felt unable to continue dating someone you hadn't slept with and were serious about if sex wasn't gonna happen soon?

If yes, could you explain how it's like?
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  • No, I'm a virgin
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  • I'm not interested in relationships
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  • I've never dated
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm 20, in a serious relationship with the love of my life but she isn't ready for sex and don't know when she will be and I'm not going anywhere. She's the one.


Most Helpful Girl

  • If a person left someone because of this then he/she never really loved their partner. When you love someone you would wait his/her time.


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  • Yes guy I like Is too scared to have sex for a reason Blames it on everything but himself I’m tired of it

    • A guy? Too scared to have sex? Wow. Something ain't right.

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    • Yea and it’s plain weird!! Like WHO CARES. I even told him that I said so what if I’m attached to you I also just want to have sex what is the big deal? And he will be like “ see your crazy” I can’t do it anymore. I’m moving on lol. Thanks for making me feel less crazy, he just makes me feel like I’m asking for something “wild” or “ too much” when all I literally do is beg for him to have sex.. what guy doesn’t want that.

    • (shrug). Yeah for sure! My pleasure to help you. You're not crazy.

  • Yeah, about 3 months into the relationship she dropped the "I'm celibate and won't have sex until marriage" bomb, and I'm just not that kind of person, so I left.

    • It would be nice if she'd told you before! Thanks for wasting 3 months of my life, bitch!

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