First lunch date, haven't spoken in years!

Well, I went to high school with this girl. Its been about ten years, lots of stuff happened in our lives. Got back in touch through facebook. We ended up texting each other a lot over the weekend and while we were at work, it ended up with me asking her to lunch.

Now we both have the day off I chose and I'm a little concerned about what to do after lunch. She has already expressed interest about doing something after and said she would just "go with the flow" afterward. Just wondering what kind of plans I should make if any at all. She seems to be a lot like me, we're both "geeks" in her terms. She is also living in the middle of nowhere really. For the lunch itself I planned on taking her to an older rustic cafe.

Thanks for the advice, the day is tomorrow!


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  • You could go for a walk and talk.


    Basically go with the flow.

    Planning add’s pressure ha ha just go with it.


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  • Planning ahead is a great idea as long as you don't get frazzled when things go awry. While there's a certain romantic charm when things "just happen" those moments are unpredictable and shouldn't be expected. A woman will almost always appreciate a man with direction and control. After the cafe you should have a couple options in your head. I don't know what amenities are available to you so I can't be very descriptive but I can tell you that everyone enjoys experiences. Taking someone somewhere and doing something unique that they've maybe never done before can leave a very lasting impression. You can try a walk along the beach, maybe a really awesome view somewhere or even a fun activity. I once took a friend to a place made entirely of trampolines. It got very tiring very quickly (we were exhausted in 15-20 minutes!) but we still had a lot of fun and it can allow time to reveal more commonalities you share or interests she might have that you could take to afterward.

    Also, dates don't always have to be spectacular occurrences. Putting on Wall E and sharing some Popsecret 'Homestyle' popcorn on the couch can be just as satisfying. And whatever you do, no matter what happens, always stay upbeat and twist negatives into positives. I was at a restaurant once where the service was terrible. They brought out my salad and didn't give silverware then disappeared for 10 minutes. So I started to jokingly use my straw as a fork and if you've never seen someone try to eat a salad with a straw you're missing out.