Wwyd if a girl sent you this?

If a girl sent you this, what would you say back?
***** sake. I would do anything to have you and I'm losing my mind when you're close to me but not close enough. You make me want to scream in anguish but I dont want to tell you because it will probably scare you away, I just know it. I want to see you smile when you wake up next to me I'm the morning. I want to see you out of breath after I suck the life out of your ****. I want to be there when (or if) you cry, to comfort you. I want to stand next to you through all of your triumphs and all of your trials. I want to hold you close, but you can never know because you dont want to ruin our friendship. Even after all of this pain not getting a chance has put me through, I want to make you feel like you can do anything.


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  • I wouldn’t say anything I would just get a restraining order on her.

  • Date u tbh that's what I need

  • Lame... too much cheese on that


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