Why dont girls appreciate a guy who is more into pc or ps4 or xbox games? Why are they not seen as dating material in our current digital age?


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  • Am going to be honest in this one. They don’t see gaming as a career. Very rarely can you get your money right with gaming. Very few guys can make a good living off of gaming. They want a guy who has goals that are more in line with societies view point. When people think gamer they don’t think million subscribers on a hit YouTube channel they think geeky guy living in moms basement playing games all day.

    • Yeah I agree. But we are not talking about gaming career here though or making money of it. I am just trying to understand why the opposite sex appreciate gaming as even a trait? If men during the stone age were appreciated going hunting by their wives why can't gaming be so in this era?

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  • What is there to appreciate though? What quality about it is admirable?

    I’m not saying they aren’t dating material, I’m just questioning the wording here 😊

    • Well if a guy is playing baseball he is rewarded by a good physique. I believe gaming can greatly improve your hand and eye coordination. Also lot of the games today are filled with brain food like puzzle solving. Not to mention appreciating the art and creativity that gets put into making the game itself. So I guess there is lot to appreciate on a guy who plays or makes games for a living. Also I've seen couples who match because they like the same music. Why can't there be a match when a guy and a girl likes the same set of games or their genre? So why aren't girls into appreciating it more?

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    • Just because he appreciates a game doesn’t mean I have to appreciate that it makes him any better a man or more attractive as a person because it doesn’t.
      His attractiveness comes from other facets of his person, because there are many. Gaming isn’t his identifying one, despite the amount of time he puts into it.
      I can’t explain it anymore plainly to you, that the virtual world is not the real world, and that there is very little that has less attraction than people who choose not to understand where the difference is.
      Dating is all about social value, and people pairing up like worths and mutual interests. Gaming is an interest; not a contribution to ones value as a person.
      Good luck

    • I get it you don't like gaming. End of story. I just didn't get why you were generalizing your opinion as the voice of all women. These are just your opinions and I mean no offense. If the whole world was thinking your way I don't think the virtual or gaming industry wouldn't have grown this far. Gaming is exactly like living through your favorite novel. Reality is always better than virtual reality. Just like intelligence is always better than artificial intelligence. But we don't refrain from using them are we now? I feel gaming to be an experience. I just didn't want men to have it and women to miss it. So if a boy and a girl feel the experience in the same way just like anything else, why can't gaming be a parameter for a match? Good luck to you too.

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  • They think you love the game more than them. Also they get bored watching you play. Try spending time with them when you meet and play video games on your own time.

  • Cause it's all about Nintendo, baby, yeah


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