How do girls live the "dream life? Instagram Models?

More often then not I see a girl (sometimes a guy) who is young and super successful.

They are about 25,
Super Fit
Side Business
Full time hobby/passion
Work Full time?
Have time for all family and friends
Have tons of time to travel
Tons of. friends...

And I see these people, and I have no idea how they have done that... Like how can one so so much?

By the time I'm done work and hit the gym for an hour and a half I'm too tired to do anything...

Even school was stressful and studying...

Is there something I'm missing?


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  • They started early. Social media presence is a MASSIVE factor in those who get famous from Instragram etc.

    I would also say that a lot of the time people will put things that aren't necessarily true on their profile.

    Maybe this model has her own business, which is about fitness, based on her degree, in which is their hobby/passion. They may volunteer once or twice, or have in the past - not necessarily still do, or frequently do.
    Social media presence brings about friends from Instagram - who doesn't want to be friends with someone who's "famous"?
    They probably travel through their fitness ties to expos etc.

    Not many people can get there, and i'm making a lot of assumptions that could not even be true.

    • I guess your right, her career is related to fitness,

      But do girls like this have rich families?

      That can afford to put them through school, pay for travels, cars, hobbies?

      They don't seem that worried about money

    • Some may do, some may not, no objective answer.
      Maybe they made enough money to pay off school through sponsorships/other financial aspects (online coaching, supplements?) - or maybe they had a full time job and paid for it. Or what about a debt, where we live you can get a debt for university and pay it off slowly.

      They probably earn a lot through sponsorships etc.

    • Life sucks :(

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  • They’re basically hot people who are inclined towards PR. It’s all super fake in reality, taking the best parts of life and adjusting them. There’s plenty of videos on YouTube of ex-insta stars that talk about their experience and to be honest I wouldn’t want to be in their position.

    • Is it, I feel like crap :(

  • It's all highlights of their life. They have down days too. They just actually care to put in the effort to document all the heights of their days.

    Hopwfully you don't waste your time comparing yourself to them!

    • This one girl really got to me.. She lives in my area, I saw her on Tinder Actually...

      I'm looking at her life, It's not comparing... More I'm upset that I won't be with her...

      Her life is nearly perfect, why would she want a guy who has so many problems?

    • She has problems too, you just don't see them because she doesn't present them.

      You can't take social media at face value.

      Based on the way you sound and how you perceive things, I think you should check out this video on YouTube. See if this helps. I just watched it tonight actually.

      Youtube: Absolute motivation The twisted truth

      Hope that helps.

      And swipe right, I've had some matches with girls I thought were out my league too!

    • She just seems so perfect...

      I want a girl like that in my life, but I won't ever be good enough

  • I feel like the standard of Women is higher than Men. Like... an average Woman is better looking than the average Man.
    So this is why Women are so picky. They're not seeing humans who are as good as themselves, and it's frustrating for them.


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