(guys) do any of you find someone here or in real life really attractive but you just dont bother talking to them?

What is it? Have I just lost my mojo or am I being smart about this? I see some really nice girls here but I dont get myself to talk because I dont see it going anywhere. Especially if they aren't from my country. I'd say its a good reason but I passed up an opportunity to get my ex-classmates number simply because i wanted to study and not lose focus. I really really liked her. My reasoning was that every guy is behind her tail and it won't make a difference. What will is if you focus on your career and not care about your feelings.

Have I gone completely mental or is what im doing smart?

After my ex broke my heart, I've become excessively picky in a girl.. I'd rather be lonely than miserable. If my way of thinking is wrong, tell me what I need to do?


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  • Just be yourself and be happy. @keenybmr, if it feels like the right thing to do chat the babes up, just know that if you don't do it all the time you will say some stupid shit, practice makes perfect, try sweet talking the older single ladies they love attention.


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