He hasn’t text him in 14 days, what can I text?

We had only one first date, which lasted only 1 hour. The date went bad and he never wrote me again.

I feel that I need to reach out. But I don’t know what to text him.

What can I text him?


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  • If he hasn't texted you ever since the date, he is NOT interested.
    Move on.

  • Haha yes

  • You don't need to reach out. Stop.
    It was a date date; you said it yourself.
    Move on

    • i met that guy on a dating app. few days before our date, i took like 2 -3 hours to respond to his text messages, i arrived 30 minutes late to the date, and the place i choose did not have any chairs to sit down so it was very uncomfortable,

      we were there for less than an hour, and i feel we really did not have an opportunity to talk well. then he wanted to go to another place where we could sit down, and i just suggested we could go for a walk, which we did, but it was a bad idea. the date ended right after walking two blocks and he said i will talk to you when saying good bye. and he never texted me back again.

      it has been 12 days, and i want to text something like

      hey :)
      i was thinking about you
      how’ve you been?

      i felt it was my fault the date went wrong

    • Regardless of placing blame, the date didn't go well.
      It happens to all of us.
      Don't reach out. Move on

      Treat it as a learning experience

    • Thank you!!! :)

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