LDR: Is it wrong to want selfies if he never wants to send any?

We've been dating for 5 months. He's younger than me.
He says he doesn't like his appearance and always denies my compliments even though I genuinely find him attractive. He even stopped asking me for selfies most likely because I'd ask for one back but I occasionally send them anyway hopping he'd be comfortable enough to send one too OTL we do send each other other pictures if we go somewhere or do something
The only video call we ever had lasted for a few seconds lmao
We haven't met yet and probably won't for a long time. I asked him a bunch of times... Am I being too whining too much?


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  • Maybe he's really shy or not ready...

    When I was in a LDR, I didn't really think twice about sending pics (I was ripped so, why wouldn't I send pics) and as for video chat... we did that a few times. We'd mostly call and talk for hours while we played.

    But video chat... not as often. I just didn't want to go that far for her (but that's another issue)

    • I'm not a video chat kind of person, myself. I honestly did it for the first time not very long ago pffft
      I'll... try to be patient then..

    • Maybe... something doesn't make him feel 100% committed.

  • You... Haven't... Met... Yet...


    It's not a relationship!!! How can you have dated for 5 months without meeting yet?

    On a side note... I hate taking selfies and if a girl asks... I might take one and send to her... But if she keeps asking after that... I'll just ignore the request...

  • Could be a couple of things. He may truly just not be confident in his looks which is common. And to help that it will probably take more than just you saying it (your his girlfriend, so he may have it in his head that you're obligated to say it). Or he may have found someone closer, may not be interested anymore or any other number of reasons. But I don't feel your being to whining at all. Having the pics and "sight" aspect of a relationship in a ldr helps make it real. Speaking from experience due to deployments

    • There are a few reasons I'd think he isn't interested in me. But I kinda think that's just me overthinking. He doesn't want to let me go. I know what you mean about making it seem real...
      I wonder how I can get him to change the way he feels about himself.

    • I don't know. I'm the same way about my self confidence in my looks and I only hear from those close to me that I'm good looking. Sorry I can't offer any other advice.

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