What's up with girls and calling?

OK this is a very confusing thing when the guy always has to call and stuff and I'm not talking about just the first call but all of them they say they'll call and never do for some reason or another why?

Also a lot of the time they let it go to voice mail on purpose (some girls have admitted this to me) why would you do this lol voice mail is weird?

Does it show that you don't like the guy if you don't call?

Lastly would you get angry if a guy did it back to you out of revenge?


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  • Sometimes, girls want the guy to chase them, sometimes they don't want to appear desperate, or they could have had something come up. As for the voicemail thing, I don't do that, but it could be because they want whatever sweet thing you're going to say recorded so they can hear it over and over. We can be rather strange...

    • Meh, you girls are rather strange aren't you lol I just wish it was realized that we can only be so patient because it rips us up inside lol I almost had a mental breakdown >.>

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    • Hey, shy is natural in that kind of situation. Maybe mention all non-chalant, if the subject is appropriate, that you hate mind games.

    • Ok thanks you've helped a bunch :) *best answer*

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  • When I was a lot younger I use to do that..in my early teens. Now growing up and maturing now- Ha I don`t do it at all. I will actually initiate the the phone call- I would just say be honest with her. I would be annoyed too if every time I tried calling no one would pick up, it actually happens a lot with almost everyone- people just love texting now a days.

    • Ugh lol at least you stopped though, I hate it so much she's like I'll call you tonight I'm sitting there twiddling my thumbs waiting and it never happens and when I decide I can't take it any longer she doesn't pick up and waits for me to leave a voice mail like who would do that lol why.

    • Yeah it does get a annoying. I think you should talk with her about it- ha ha cause I get p*ssed off with it sometimes too even with my friends or guy friends. grr

    • Yeah lol I tried just now like I called her and she gave the excuse she's doing homework and how I prob won't see her tomorrow feeling sick

      which still makes me wonder uninterested or hard to get

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  • I'd let her go. Eventually she might realize that the games she plays aren't worth it.

    • Lol yeah, games are just so stupid in my opinion why base a relationship off a game

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