Article: " We Don't Hate Sluts; We Just Recognize Their Low Value" Opinions?

One of the common criticisms of the Red Pill philosophy is the supposed contradiction that results from our simultaneous distain for sluts but our willingness to have sex with them.
A slut is commonly defined aa a woman who has too many sexual partners. However, this is a superficial perspective. What really makes a slut so despised is their disregard for their own inherent value, andcthe fact that they give it away so freely.
Women are the gatekeepers of sex, something inherently valuable to men. Men have built and destroyed great empires and many lives in persuit of the sexual pleasures of beautiful women. We assign ( often foolishly) great value to sex. We view it as something worthy of conquest, of great effort, and acknowledge that women have the right to withhold it for only the men that have proven themselves as deserving of it. In this sense we view sex as a marker of merit. A man who has ample access to beautiful women, whether he's amassed great wealth, chisled his body into a physical masterpiece, or simply honed his linguistic and social skills to their peak, has clearly done something to deserve this bounty of sex he reaps. A slut however disregards all of this. We expect a woman to evaluate men carefully and be discriminating in her choice of sexual company. Instead, a slut gives that value freelt to many different men based on fleeting emotions. In doing so, her sex becomes less valuable because its given so freely. Why would we work hard for something that's given away easily to so many.
What about men? This is where it gets interesting. Women, because they're the gatekeepers of sex don't value it as highly as we do. Instead, they place the most value on committment, the one thing men have control of. This makes the White Knight, the FriendZoned, the Nice Guy the male equivalent of a slut. Why? Because this guy comes to her aid, offers valiant defense, resources, and his protection based solely on the fact that she's a woman and has a vagina.


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  • goshhhh why are people always so hypocrites. clearly u like something but also talk against it
    and you can't say sex with her is of no value coz the value of sex can only be assessed by the person who just did it and if he is satisfied then nobody has the right to call it of low value and why point fingers to a girl in this way
    are we not living in a free world? this is her choice, can't u think that she is more active sexually and can do it more than others (and others do fantasize it but just can't do it) she just has it in her what it takes and she shouldn't be called a low value etc
    and men only fight for a girl or her pussy as they feel it worthwhile otherwise they wouldn't do it


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  • Whenever I'm bored I usually work or play ice hockey. Ig this is what some people do when they hit peak boredom.


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  • ... I feel like this shit doesn't matter half as much as people think it does.

    I mean yeah, I get that being a slut lowers your "value" in the sense that you seem easily obtainable but I think y'all put way too much market into it.

  • the double standards are too real

    • I ran out of space. It gets interesting when it talks about White Knights. There is another set of double standards pertaining to men.

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