Is it ok to care for your crush even tho you're courting someone?

I've been courting this girl fo 3 or 4 months already and im net her boyfriend yet and there's this crush of mine from before. We're really good friends but i never really tried courting her. And lately I've been talking to this past crush of mine a lot and i get a feeling that i shouldn't do talk to crush that much
Ant thoughts?

Note past crush is in a depressed state so im kinda talking to her in order to distract her from her depressing thoughts as well


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  • Well first of all don't stop talking to her because she needs someone to talk to.

    • 1st 2 answers and already have the opposite opinions haha

    • Okay let me break it down for you. You have remember that you shouldn't lead her on. If you lead her one and she catched feelings, you might end up hurting her. But she is your good friend who is going through the hardest time of her life. She needs all the support she can get and losing a friend because he used to like her will hurt her even more. Stay friends with her, give her the support she needs and pull her out of the depression pit. It isn't an issue if you are chasing another girl while you talk to her more.

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  • Yes it's bad because you're leading her on

    • I dont think im leading her on cuase she knows that im courting someone

    • Juse stop talking to her. You're calling her your crush and you are courting someone else. Who do you love, if both just stick to the one you're courting

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