Is it ok for you and your bestfriend to have deep feelings for one another?

People I mean having feelings for your bff. Not being in love with her. There is a difference. Just like loving someone and liking someone are two different things.


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  • Yes, that's fine, I don't know why people think its wrong

    • Yea me and my bff had fell in love 3 times but we refuse to date. We been bff for 5 years.

  • It is not ok. That's not a friendship anymore.

    • Well that's your opinion but not true. You can fall in love with anyone and not date them.

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    • and having feelings for somebody doesn't mean you in love with them it just means you care a lot about them in the special to you. Whats wrong with that? but you know that I'm right having feelings for someone and being in love with someone or totally two different things I never said is it okay that I fall in love with my best friend I said if I have feelings for my best friend's there's a big different

    • It's still a friendship, anon. Me and my best friend had feelings for each other at some point and while we didn't act on them, we stayed friends.

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