Shall I still pursue or leave it?

Girl was talking my number but her battery went out so I took hers and she insisted to do text her. Mind it was in a nightclub and she was kinda drunk. Didn't care much exceot she insisted I took her number and to text her back. Did but no response but after a days decided to call her since I thought maybe she got busy or forgot. Didn't pick up, still worth pursuing or drop it? Im not attached to get our anything it's just making sure I'm not doing any wrong moves like


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  • If she said text me you text her, if she doesn't answer you don't pursue, you don't call nothing.

    3 possibilities

    1: she wanted you to text but has doesn't feel ready yet doesn't have a plan to start dating, has not enough time whatever. In this case you should just wait cuz people usually don't forget messages and if they do their not smart enough for any friend of contact

    2: she wanted you to text but wants to test you of ure as confident as u behaved in the club. In this case it's a trap and u should wait for her answer and don't call or anything. Just wait.

    3: she just wanted attention. Maybe someone broke up with her and she wanted to know if she still in the game. Or she needed a confidence boost. Who knows woman are not very strong individuals..

    In any cases you should lean back and let her do her thing.

    • Reason I called maybe she didn't knew it me or might forgot. Just call and see if she picks up good, if she doesn't then that's it

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    • Okay, when you are allowed to do the sports again start slowy so you don't need another surgery. I have had a broken neck and eyehole and jawbone, it takes long to get rid of every aspect the injury caused. Pls take it slow bro :)

    • Ohh sorry to hear. Hope all is good, yea I'm and you too. I just don't care much about her just was wondering if I did anything wrong like you know. Nothing much

  • I'd leave it alone unless she gets back with you- you tried and shouldn't pursue her too hard. If you see her at the club again, you should talk to her.

    • Yea, exactly don't wanna look desperate like. She had my number soz, doubt I'll see her again

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    • Just one think I don't get, why insist to do text her. Usually isn't coming when someone insists like. Thought maybe she was interested

    • She was buzzed, so she may not even have a clear memory of who you were or telling you to do that. You did the right thing.

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  • She just wanted the attention. Move on.

    • I was guessing that too. Thanks

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