No calls or texts from him after argument over my inconsiderate behavior, should I call him or wait for his call?

we had a hour argument last week through phone call... he said there's no use of arguing so he'll call me again this week, meet and talk about the issue again.
after the argue, texted him that i'm sorry and will wait for his call but no call or text even till now.
is he thinking of breaking up with me? even though he didn't mention about it..
what should i do?


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  • Call him

    • what should i say to him? he seems really upset and hurted by my selfishness. he said no matter how hard he try, i will not be satisfied therefore, he's not gonna put any efforts on this relationship amymore

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  • Call him

    • thinking of text him tonight.. what if he ignores? i'm afraid he might of think of breaking up with me.. it's been 3 days we didn't contact each other

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    • i'm confused... some says calling him will make the situation worse. this is first time he expressed his anger and frustration.

    • He may had a bad day

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