Why (some or most!) men receive harsh criticism when seeking for relationship advice?

I don't get this with American society mostly.

When a man has an realtionship issue and like to share it with people for advice online or offline.

The man complains about all the idotic issues the women does.

Then people stop the man there, and start to insult him calling him a baby or finding that what the man is saying is too annoying sit and listen, and usually the man receive very poor and harsh advice from the majoirty. Some would just try to bring the bible or religion into this and perform miracle spells.
When a woman has an relationship issue and like to share it with people for advice online or offline

The woman complains about all the idoitic issue the man does.

People tend to listen all the way through, show sympathy and empathy, usually gives decent advice never really poor or harsh. If it is poor and harsh then people get easily offended and start antagonizing the person that gave poor and harsh advice. Some would go out of the way to physically help the females problem.

When a man intelliectually and clearly wants to share an relationship issue with people for advice

The man tells a clear deep story from beginning to end of his actions and her actions and the results

Nobody responds, well barely


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  • Well American men are kind of told that they should deal with all their crap on their own and any man that can't is weak and if we tell them theyre weak then that might motivate them to do better. Not very effective, but its what we grew up with. (Or at least the guys where I'm from)


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  • Yeah no one does that in America and in the rare chance they do then they're probably stupid. We treat everyone equal here in America regardless of gender or race.

    • I see it a lot in the real world and the internet, even when I post or talk about my sob stories.

    • Maybe where you live in the world but in America everything is pretty equal. Also, don't take everything you see on the internet as a way of culture. Real life is a whole lot different.

  • I feel like society wants to make women victims and men are always wrong or pigs.


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