What do you do when a girl who was clearly interested in you, decides she wants a friendship prematurely, contrary to what you had originally decided?

I met a girl almost a month ago through a friend. This friend had invited me over to spend time with her and a group of friends, through which this girl was included in, as we spent time at her dorm. I found her pretty attractive and she was the first person to shake my hand. We played card games and I was close to her side and interacted often that night. I saw a look in her eyes that showed some interest at the end of the night she gave me one of the biggest hugs I've ever gotten. 1 day later she adds me on Facebook and I initiate a conversation with her the day after. We spoke the rest of that week and even large plans to spend time together and get to know each other. She was very direct and told me she had asked her friend about me that night but her friend told her we had something (which wasn't the case as I told her but off topic) . There was clear flirting in our convo and she called me a "casanova" which seemed to be a smooth talker and even called me her dear and seemed very genuinely interested in me. We made plans to hang out and she told me she was very excited to get to know me. When we finally hung out I thought things went well, everything went so perfectly that I found the perfect moment to kiss her, a few times, and she had no objections. We were clear though that we had really only just met and we would have to take time to get to know one another before getting to know each other to which I agreed. We took a 2 week break cause college, seniors, final exams and when I spoke with her and wanted to celebrate the end of the semester she agreed but asked me if it was okay just as friends, and said she was sorry but she didn't think she was looking for something right now. I told her I understood but asked if everything was okay cause it seemed it was, she said I was a great guy and she enjoyed her time with me but felt like something was missing but knew our friendship base was there and said she knew this stinks and apologized. its bothering me now


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  • Don't let it bother you. I think this just means that she doesn't want to jump in anything real quick, or get tied down, I still think she may want to be with you. Hang out with her anyway


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